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End Mills. Choose from Carbide with TiAlN or TiSiN coating as well as HSS M2Al. See Full Range

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Best used for: Standard milling, dadoing and boring. Cutting Diameter: 1/8 in. Cutting Height: 1/2 in. Shank Diameter: 1/4 in. Overall Length: 2 in. Flutes: 2 Up-cut end mills direct woodchips up and away from the milling area leaving an unobstructed path for the end mill. Bit breakage is less ...

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An end mill, while similar in appearance to a drill bit, is far more versatile. However, in practice the terms "bit" and "end mill" are often used interchangeably. Drill plunging axially on …

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End mills are the cutting tools (also called router bits) that are inserted into the collet of a spindle or router. It is the part that spins and does all of the cutting in all directions. Some end mills can plunge into the material (like drilling).


Carbide end mills, carving tools, router bits, engraving tools and precision tool holders for machining wood, metal, plastic and composites Think & Tinker, Ltd. 0 item(s) - $0.00

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Up cut end mills are great for all standard milling and material removal. These bits pull the wood chips up and away from the tool path which helps prevent tool breakage and extends the life of the bit.

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Jan 18, 2005· Bear in mind that the shanks of router bits do not have to be as rigid as an end mill. Some router bit shanks are not hardened and will bend under the side loads of cutting metal. I speak from unhappy experience

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Industrial routing end mills from Grainger help cut and shape wood, plastic and metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. Material-specific milling cutters come in a wide range of sizes and styles.

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Give all your machining jobs an edge with top-of-the-line end mills from Grainger. You'll find professional-quality carbide end mills, cobalt end mills and high-speed steel end mills in many styles and sizes to help accomplish your toughest machining tasks.

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Our expansive selection of Miniature End Mills and End Mills includes thousands of solid carbide specialty mills designed for machining in a variety of applications and materials. Choose from Square, Ball, Corner Radius, and Tapered profiles, multiple flute lengths and reaches, and various coating options.

Carbide 3 & 4 Flute Tapered 3D C arving Tools

3 & 4 flute, tapered, carving tools. For cutting woods, plastics, and HDU. Common applications include signage, 3D carving, cabinetry, and furniture making.

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From left to right, 1/4" and 3/8" upcut solid carbide router bits, and 1/4" and 3/8" end mills. The 3/8" end mill is 4" long with a cutting length of 1 3/4".

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2 Flute End Mills allow for higher feedrates than Single Flute End Mills but still provide for a large amount of chip clearance. 3 Flute End Mills allow for the highest feedrate but have less chip clearance space than Single or 2 Flute End Mills.

Yonico 2 Flute Ball Nose Spiral End Mill 1/8 in. Dia 1/4 ...

This 2 flute round nose end mill has a cutting diameter of 1/8 in. and a cutting length of 1/2 in. The shank is 1/4 in. in diameter and the overall length is 2 in. Ball nose spiral end mills are used for smooth contouring and fine detail passes with a CNC router and often for complex shapes like 3D carvings.

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HQMaster 1/8"(3.175mm) Shank Dia. Ball Nose End Mills Ball Nose Bits 2mm Cutting Dia. CNC Router Bits 2-Flute Spiral Cutter Set Tool Tungsten Steel Upcut Bit 17mm Flute Length, 38.5mm OAL, Pack Of …

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Our Patent Pending 5/16" end mill has been thoroughly optimized for milling aluminum 80% lower receivers with a handheld router. The upper portion of the end mill bit for 80% lower, the collet area of the shank, is reduced to 1/4" diameter to allow for use with compact routers which are commonly equipped with a 1/4" collet size.

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The web's #1 source for cnc router and end mill starter sets. Our most popular set includes everything you need to get started including a spoilboard surfacing bit and 90 degree V groove bit. Our largest set includes 15 bits of varying, sizes, end styles and uses.

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Bits & Bits has been manufacturing and selling engraving bits, cutters, end mills, and tools for milling wax for over 30 years. Our tools are used for engraving and to mill molds in wax, metal, plastic or any other machinable material.

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Solid Carbide Spiral CNC Router Bits / End Mills for Steel & Stainless Steel High Performance CNC Solid Carbide 90 Degree 'V' Spiral Drills / End Mills / Router Bits for Steel & Stainless Steel Solid Carbide CNC Multi-Helix Square Bottom Router Bits / End Mills for Steel & Stainless Steel

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CNC Router Bit, EnPoint Solid Carbide Spiral Multi-Helix Square Bottom 4-Flute End Mill 1/8" 3.175mm Shank 1/8" Cut Dia 32mm Flute Length Woodworking Milling Router Bit for PCB Plastic Wood

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Bostry Tools offers a wide range of quality precision CNC end mill bits for industrial applications, including single, 2, 4 flute spiral end mills for machining metals, ball nose end mills for 3D contouring, altin or diamond coated end mills providing sharper cutting edge and longer tool life.

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Ball nose spiral end mills are used for smooth contouring and fine detail passes with a CNC router and often for complex shapes like 3D carvings. The rounded ends produce smooth curves that would be impossible to achieve with flat end bits.

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10X 1/8" Carbide Flat Nose End Mill CNC Router Bits Double Flute Spiral 17mm See more like this TEN Pieces .020" - 0.50mm - Solid Carbide Micro End Mill Bits CNC PCB Dremel Refurbished

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For precision vertical or horizontal milling operations, make MSC your first choice for top quality milling tools. We stock a complete line of end mills, cutters, saws and bits to suit the demanding needs for precision metal or woodwork.

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End Mill router bits are used for bottom cutting and are designed to produce a smooth surface with a square corner Solid carbide is used for high performace applications. It is extremely heat resistant and used on cast iron, non-ferrous metals and other tough to machine materials.

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Solid Carbide Spiral Router Bits / End Mills for Steel, Stainless Steel, Non Ferrous Metal & More Excellent for a broad range of materials, varying from non-ferrous materials (aluminum, brass, copper, etc) low carbon steel, stainless steel, and exotics such as titaninum.

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Bits are commonly referred to as drill bits, but routers use router bits. If you're looking to cut various metals and composites, end mills are the tools of choice. However, end mills will also work on wood, depending on the type of end mill selected.

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Quit wasting time searching around for the end mills and router bits you need to get started. We have exactly what you need right here. If you just bought a Shapeoko or X-Carve, odds are it came with a DWP611 to use as a spindle. That router has a 1/4" collet.

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Bits & Bits Company. We have been manufacturing cutting tools for over 30 years. We are located in Silverton, Oregon,about 15 miles east of Salem in the Cascade foothills.

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1.0mm Carbide Drill Bits Micro Tool Dremel Toy Trains Cars Crafts Jewelry more..

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The replaceable tips end mill/router bit tool body made from alloy steel with 4 solid carbide cutting inserts for maximum feed and stability specially made for CNC and milling machines. Each tip is made from micrograin carbide for maximum tool life and has 4 cutting rounded corners that can be rotated.

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Ekstrom Carlson manufactures carbide and high speed steel end mills, router bits, step drills, reamers, and custom form tools utilizing state of the art 8 axis CNC grinders and inspection equipment to offer better quality cutting tools at better prices.